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Math-Mapper™ is an intuitive tool to show teachers and students what needs to be learned and to assess and provide feedback on students’ progress over time. It consists of: 1) a digital learning map, and 2. a diagnostic assessment system that can be coordinated  with any curriculum.

Math-Mapper is an integrated learning map, curated links to open resources, and a diagnostic assessment suite that is administered, scored and reported in real time

Students and teachers look to the learning map to see several critical “big ideas.” Looking more closely, each big idea expands to show exactly what concepts must be learned to master the big idea and how to get there. When ready, students access a diagnostic assessment and get immediate feedback on their level of proficiency in learning those big ideas. Based on research on how students learn successfully, the assessment items diagnosis common errors and misconceptions. With the immediate feedback teachers can adjust instruction based on results, and students form flexible learning groups to tackle those topics together or individually. Using the map, students and teachers see student progress and use the information to plan next steps.

Math-Mapper separates middle school mathmematics into Nine Big Ideas

Free, on-line, expertly curated materials linked precisely to clusters provide options for pursuing interesting project-based learning. A library of tagged resources supports further personalization. The materials can be locally supplemented supporting customization across place and context. A scope and sequence tool allows for planning across teachers and schools. The design supports schools to organize by or across grade levels anticipating increasing orientation to competency-based learning instead of seat time by grades.

Each construct reveals learning trajectory, Common Core links and access to curriculum.

What differentiates the tool most from others is how its diagnostic assessments measuring students progress along each level of the trajectories. The items check for student misconceptions, pinpoint student needs and check for deep understanding. This is truly assessment for learning!


MarcheseMath Mapper's focus on content trajectory of Big Ideas in mathematics has deepened our middle school Professional Learning conversations.  Teachers' attention to evidence of students' understanding based on the trajectories is present in conversations around instruction.

Charlene Marchese,
Supervisor of Mathematics, Freehold Township Schools

R KasunA digital tool like Math Mapper helps thrust personalized learning to the next level by supporting student learning and growth through real time data and focusing teachers on student thinking.

Dr. Ross Kasun,
Superintendent, Freehold Township Schools

D MeyerConfrey and her team have mapped out some of the most challenging areas of mathematics, helping teachers and students understand exactly what they know and exactly what help they need next.

Dan Meyer,

L aniA coherent curriculum is one of the most important ingredients for meaningful teaching. The Math Mapper helps educators understand how mathematical concepts develop and fit together, and is one of the most  thoughtful frameworks I've seen for organizing everything from curricular resources to assessments.

Karim Kai Ani,
CEO, MathAlicious

E LuberoffFor years, Dr. Confrey and her team have been among the best thinkers in the world about learning trajectories and empowering students to be partners in their own learning. With Math-Mapper they're pushing the field further still.

Eli Luberoff,

C DedeUsing learning trajectories to understand student thinking is a huge opportunity to raise educational outcomes. By tracking student development in real time, Math Mapper provides diagnostic insights that provide formative guidance for students  and teachers. This tool is an invaluable resource for advancing mathematics learning and instruction.

Chris Dede,
Wirth Professor of Learning Technologies, Harvard Graduate School of Education